Mar's Chocolate Mini Bite Size Chocolate Candy Variety (Milky Way, 5 Pounds)


Since 1941, America has relied on one brand of candy-coated chocolates. Most chocolate lovers are well aware of the world-famous Mars candy company. During the Spanish Civil War, soldiers were eating little chocolate pellets coated in a hard candy shell to prevent the candies from melting. The founder's son patented his own creation and began producing right away. Today, M&M'S® are still one of the most popular name brand candies to fly off the shelves. Whether you're shopping for snacks or stocking up for your store, offers one of the largest selections of M&M® candy online. Explore our assortment of milk chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel, crispy, and peanut M&Ms® today to find all your favorite guilty pleasures. There are causes for celebration every day, but you don't need an excuse to indulge your sweet tooth. M&M'S® are so small and simple that just a handful can satisfy even the craziest cravings. Peanut M&Ms® weren't introduced to the candy-loving masses until 1954, but they sure did make a lasting impression. Whether you need an office treat for those mid-afternoon slumps or something to keep the kids entertained in your classroom, there's no resisting that salty sweet combination. Stocking up for Halloween? Bulk M&M® candy is an excellent way to cut down on costs while keeping all your trick-or-treaters happy. We carry enough fun-size M&M® candy packs, mega tubes, and variety packs to keep your whole neighborhood snacking through the winter! Speaking of which, there's no candy quite like M&M'S® for the holidays. Browse our selection and find all the green, red, and white chocolate gems you need to kick off the holiday season with a whole lot of spirit. You can also stock up on gifts and apparel to give to all your favorite chocolate lovers.

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