Individually Wrapped Foil Covered Chocolate Caramel Balls in a Variety of Colors – Bulk Wholesale (Gold, 2 Pounds)


Whether you're feeling blue, seeing red, green with envy or tickled pink, say “hello” to yellow or gets you back to black with our assortment of deliciously colored candies. We carry hundreds of candies in dozens of colors, bringing colorful, custom fun to any party, theme or occasion. Sure, we know that mixing yellow and blue make green, or red and yellow mix to make orange. But let's think colorfully creative with our Candy by Color: Shop orange, black, and silver Just Candy trick-or-treats to make a deliciously spooky Halloween candy buffet. Or, shop your favorite sports team's colors to bring the “super” to your candy bowl at your annual Super Bowl party. Bring in the baby blues or princess pinks to celebrate the special little ones in your life, brides, grads, and loved ones too, or creatively customize a colorful theme for your upcoming parties and events. The color combinations & party possibilities are truly endless, so if you bring your colorful creativity, we'll bring the candy!

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