Ritter Sport Individual Mini Bars, 84ct Mini Bars


Individual Mini Bars Display: 84 Count RITTER SPORT: However diverse the selection of chocolates in RITTER SPORT???S Colourful Chocolate Mix is, they do have one thing in common: their typically delicious RITTER SPORT taste. Whether roasted hazelnuts, fine marzipan, delicate praline, crispy cornflakes, crunchy organic shortbread biscuits, refreshing yoghurt filling, or rich milk chocolate, these small squares are no way inferior to their 100g role models. Different chocolate masses are also harmoniously tailored to their various fillings. These are, classic milk chocolate, milk chocolate made with cream, and classic dark chocolate. This diverse mixture really sends your tongue out on a true taste adventure. There is approximately 84 pieces total. Each piece is approximately 0.58oz.

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