goodnessKNOWS Apple Almond Peanut & Dark Chocolate Gluten Free Snack Squares, 4 Count, 5 Pack


goodnessknows snack squares are a delicious and amazingly satisfying snack that is crafted with the goodness of whole nuts, real fruits, toasted oats and dark chocolate with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Each goodnessknows Snack Bar Pack contains four delicious snack squares made with sweet apples, roasted almonds and peanuts, and dark chocolate. We hand-select our cocoa beans, then use a patented method that helps retain much of the bean’s naturally occurring cocoa flavones. Whether you're at the office or forging your own outdoor adventure, these wholesome granola bars are a tasty snack. Try a little goodness with goodnessknows Apple, Almond, Peanut and Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bars!

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