Gift Universe Gummi Rings Candy Gift Tray with Albanese’s and Ferrara Candy’s Best Seller Fruit Flavored Gummi Ring 6 Section Variety Pack of Candies, 2.5 Lbs


•Delightful CANDY TRAY with sweetest & loveliest GUMMI RINGS candies. •Lovely GUMMI RINGS. •6 section. •Perfect variety of ALBANESE's and FERRARA CANDY's 5 different BEST SELLER delicious gummi rings candy flavors. •Attractive, colorful assortment of fresh fruit flavored GUMMI RINGS and mouthwatering lovely candy taste. YUMMY! •List of gummi ring candies in your variety pack: Albanese Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings, Albanese's Peach Gummi Rings, Albanese's Cherry Gummi Rings, Albanese's Apple Gummi Rings, Albanese's Watermelon Gummi Rings, Ferrara Candy's Mini Gummi Rings. •PERFECT for any OCCASION or EVENT. Lovely decorated gift tray for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, celebrations, thank you, well done, thinking of you or any other special event or just as a snack or any other reason you want. ENJOY!

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