CHARM GIANT BLOW POP shaped container holds 8 Multi Flavored Hard Candy Lollipops (Single)


Do you want to own a giant Blow Pop? Of course you do. But do you really want to eat an entire giant Blow Pop? Maybe. We don't know you. Though try to imagine how many licks it would take to get to the bubblegum center of this pop… we don't know if anyone has the time, patience, or jaw strength to find out. So, better than whiling away your days licking gigantic Blow Pop goodness, we'll just spoil the secret and tell you what's at the center of this candy — it's not what you think. In fact, this jolly lolly happens to be a hollow, plastic facade. But before you become too disappointed by this revelation, carefully remove the genuine, over-sized Blow Pop wrapper and click the plastic oval open to reveal eight normal sized pops tucked away inside! These are ready to be licked, crunched, and counted to your heart's content. It's a far more shareable, less cumbersome alternative to a giant pop, anyways. And best of all, once you've finished with the lollipop deliciousness inside each plastic contraction, you can wrap the sphere back up in the authentic Tootsie wrapper and use it as a decoration! Sweet.

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