Candy Creek Sugar Free Fruit Lollipops, 20 Pop Sampler


Sugar Free Candy Creek Lollipops in 8 mouth watering flavors, Strawberry, Watermelon, Concord Grape, Blueberry Blast, Lemonaid, Tangerine, Red Raspberry, Sour Apple. Our sugar free lollipop sampler is ideal for your office or bank. Offer our delicious lollipop treats to your employees or customers today We use Isomalt for our sugar substitute because – It has a glycemic index or GI of 2, – Makes a lollipop with only 12 calories – Just 5.7 grams of carb per pops and O net carbs – Has a shelf life approximately twice of our sugar candy – Does not promote tooth decay – Starts out as beet sugar before processing. – It eats and tastes GREAT! This creates a candy that will have a minimum effect on your blood sugar while being surprisingly flavorful and delightfully sweet.

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